Which manufacturer offers the best toilets?

When it comes to choosing between the best toilet brands on in the industry, there really isn’t a lot of difference between the market leaders. TOTO, American Standard, and Kohler all have some fantastic designs. You will really have to look closely at the inner workings and functionality to get a rough idea of where one toilet has an advantage over another.

We aim to help our readers with this with a buying guide that talks about important features, what to look for, and any common defects to avoid.It’s of the utmost importance you look through each of these specs as some units marketed as great, can actually be poor quality. And if one was to look at their specifications, you would not of purchased it in the first place.

According to www.toiletbrains.com, to find a great toilet, you must focus on the smaller details. This includes analyzing the flushing mechanism, how tall the bowl is, the water spot size, glazing, and trapway. This is exactly what we will be doing.

Features to look for

Flushing mechanism – The mechanism really describes how the water travels from the tank, through the bowl and out the outlet. There are multiple opinions of what to look for in this matter. We’re of the opinion that for your average bathroom user in a family household, gravity fed flush systems are ideal. However, for a commercial build, where performance and power is a priority, a pressure assisted flush may be more beneficial to your requirements.

Glazing – The glazing on the surface is an effective way in which companies coat and protect the china surface from the build up of germs and bacteria. It also helps prevent waste from sticking and produces a smoother surface that rinses better. There are some excellent examples of this from each of the top brands. TOTO have CeFiONtect, American Standard have EverClean. The point is, make sure the toilet you’re looking at includes this not just within the bowl, but the trapway too. It will help keep the bowl cleaner.

Water surface – There are now intelligent toilet designs which have devised clever ways in which to handle bad odors. They contain filters that do the job quite well. However, with such innovation, comes a hefty price tag. And for readers that don’t have deep pockets, we’re stuck with alternative methods. And one such way of keeping odors down is through a large water surface area.

Water usage – Having an economically friendly bathroom may not be on everyone’s radar. However, we feel it’s important for you to understand the benefits installing a low flow toilet can bring. For starters, you can expect to save tens of thousands of gallons of water per year when you compare them side by side with older 3.5 gallon models. That’s a huge amount of water potentially saved, especially over a longer period of time. Naturally, because you’re making these savings, your household energy bills will be reduced too. All the top brands offer a variation of this type of flush, meeting WaterSense standards too.

Defects – It’s very easy to get sucked in and only look at the positives. People often forget there is plenty of buyers who have had the opposite experience with their toilet. Some common complaints to watch out for include a constantly running tank, and leaking at the base or tank / bowl connection. If you see too many consumers talking about these things, it’s time to start thinking about a different toilet.

After taking all of these things into account, our favorite is definitely TOTO. Reliability, positive reviews across the board, and affordable too. Kohler is a close second, and American Standard could also be a option for those among you looking for a cheaper alternative.