TOTO Aimes Washlet One piece toilet review

Made by one of the top toilet manufacturers in the world, the TOTO Aimes is a great option for readers wanting to enhance their bathroom experience through technology and innovation.

The product itself has some great features, but the inclusion of the Washlet bidet system takes it to the next level. We take a look at some of its features below.

Elegance – Some people are happy to choose something that functions in the way they want it too, and flush effectively. However, for those style conscious, you will be very please with the aesthetic exterior. It’s finished in a beautiful white that will light up the room, and has a smooth surface that hides tank / bowl connectors, and the trapway at the same time. It’s design gets top marks from us.

The bowl – Here we have an elongated shape bowl that works well with the one piece theme. It has been constructed in such a way as to meet ADA requirements. This is commonly known as universal height, and is a great way to ensure your lavatory visit is pleasant and comfortable.

Flush – Uses TOTO’s popular tornado flush system, which is known to do more with less water. In fact, it’s so efficient, that it meets both the Environmental Protection Agency and CalGreen water conservation standards. That’s a testament to this brands flushing innovation. The cyclonic rinsing works really well in this regard.

The Washlet – Now this is arguably the best feature of the lot. It has some luxury features that are convenient and smart. This includes the ability to premist the bowl before usage, preventing waste from adhering, and it’s bidet wand which has the ability to jet spray water at the front and back, cleaning far more effectively than paper. It even has a dryer.

Handling odors – A built in air deodorizer fights odors more effectively than a large water spot alone.

These modern implementations take the living standard up a notch in our opinion. The trouble is, most companies haven’t been building and designing them long enough to bring the prices down yet. So they remain quite expensive to obtain. If however you can afford one, you won’t be disappointed.